Who Needs a PT

Wondering who needs PT? Here are just a few ideas off the top of our heads. Your neighbor who is always telling you about their bad back, your spouse who sprained their ankle, your weekend warrior BFF, your friend’s friend who cannot step away from gaming, your pregnant friend who pees every time they laugh, your kid who just grew taller by 2 pant sizes…and YOU who wants to get rid of that nagging hip pain every time you sit and do squats. PT is a great fit for pretty much everyone. Breaking it down below to clarify the three most typical types of injury. Give us a call! We are happy to help you figure out how to best serve your body moving forward.

Acute Injuries: When something very out-of-the-ordinary happens, such as a fall or being in a car accident, you may have a significant injury that limits your ability to walk, sit, stand, sleep, or any other activity that was easy for you before. Physical therapy treatment helps the injury to recover faster and also helps you to adapt new strategies for less pain and improved function while you heal.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: In some cases, injury occurs due to repeated physical stressors from doing an activity many times or holding one position or posture for too long. This is especially common in today’s world, where we frequently sit at a desk for hours or perform the same manual labor tasks on a daily basis. A physical therapist can help you get back to your work tasks, carrying groceries, taking care of your children, lifting a bag of books over and over, walking down 20 flights of stairs, and many other daily tasks.

Athletic Injuries: Sometimes people get hurt doing sports or activities, and their injuries stop them from being able to get back to what they love. Physical therapy helps patients improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, and mobility to recover from an injury and we often help to produce a stronger, more well-rounded athlete than before injury.

If you are experiencing an injury or a chronic ache or pain, Avant Physical Therapy has an amazing staff of PT’s to help you recover quickly and safely. Call 206.686.4073 or email to schedule an appointment today.


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