Dance Medicine

Healing and limiting recurrence of dance-related injuries through physical therapy

Helping Dancers Get Back in The Groove

Dance Medicine is the practice of treating, healing and limiting recurrence of dance-related injuries through physical therapy. We will determine how to balance the flexibility and strength requirements for each dancer’s body to optimize one’s return to both recreational and professional levels of dance. Every dancer is better equipped to protect one’s own body with a knowledge of basic anatomy, nutrition, tools to attenuate life stressors, and an excellent support system. We are excited to provide all of these adjuncts to PT at Avant Physical Therapy.

Happy Patients

Experts in working with dancers and other high level athletes. Laura Bannister and her staff take great care of all dance medicine patients I send for an evaluation. I appreciate their careful eye and detailed approach to developing a treatment plan that helps my patients achieve their functional goals in as short a time frame as possible.

Dr. Matthew Grierson

I have struggled finding a physical therapist in Seattle who would be able to take on the multi-dimensional challenge of treating a professional ballet dancer coming back from injury. When I sprained my midfoot during a rehearsal onstage, I scoured Yelp until I came across Avant Physical Therapy, which caught my attention due to its prime location and nearly perfect reviews. Once I found out Laura was previously a dancer herself, I was sold. Right away she was able to evaluate the source of my problem and was ready to come at it from every approach possible. She would start each appointment with manual therapy and we'd spend the second half working my problem areas to the point of exhaustion - in the best way possible! I got noticeably stronger each week I worked with Laura. Other PTs I've worked with either relied too heavily on manual therapy OR exercises, but Laura is the only I've found to strike a perfect balance of both. I have recommended Laura to every dancer I know who is dealing with an injury. She is a positive, encouraging and intuitive person who will get you back onstage quickly, and in better shape than before. I owe the ongoing health of my ballerina feet to Laura!

Madison S.

PNB Corps de Ballet

I walked into Avant Physical Therapy nearly immobilized by pain just days before I was scheduled to go on stage and perform. From my very first appointment, Laura kept me on the long-term healing path, while managing my immediate needs as a performer. Laura's knowledge of the dancing body and her awareness of movement from a dancer's perspective make her one of the most exceptional physical therapists in Seattle.

Justin R.

Whim W'him

I have tremendous respect for Laura Bannister. She is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. She understands the demands of being a professional dancer and takes into account the goals and desires of each unique patient. She not only comes up with a plan for a speedy recovery but makes sure you always leave the office feeling better than when you came in.

Mia M.

W'him Whim

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