Sports Physical Therapy

Because an Athlete Should Never Be on the Bench for Long

Getting You Back In The Game or on the Trail– Fast!

Avant Physical Therapy treats the weekend warrior to the professional athlete using a multi-modal approach including manual therapy, core strengthening, kinetics re-education, flexibility training, and Functional Movement Screens to get you back to the activities you love.

Sports Physical Therapy for Athletes of All Ages and Abilities

Our experienced physical therapists are trained to assist athletes of any level of ability or age to participate in their sport of choice by:

  • Utilizing techniques that can help minimize the risk of injuries
  • Restoring functional mobility following an injury to promote rapid and complete recovery
  • Enhancing performance through improved strength, flexibility, and balance

Prevention, Recovery, and Enhancement for Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Casual Hobbyists

Avant physical therapists can identify injury risks unique to the sports you play and work to create strength and flexibility specifically tailored toward reducing those risks. When an injury or illness occurs that threatens your game, we provide physical intervention to help you recover as fast as possible, while still working to ensure your safe return to the career, exercise, or form of recreation that you love. Sports physical therapy can also provide you with the ability to move more efficiently, thus helping keep you at the top of your game.

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