Therapeutic Yoga

Restore, Optimize Movement, and Improve Your Function.

Therapeutic Yoga

Avant Physical Therapy is an innovative physical therapy practice that is
leading the way when it comes to Therapeutic Yoga in Seattle.

Avant Physical Therapy Offers Therapeutic Yoga to Promote Natural Healing

Avant PT offers a unique combination of yoga and physical therapy. This approach is wonderful for those interested in starting yoga, enhancing their current yoga practice, and for those recovering from injury.

Let us teach you how to incorporate the incredible yoga benefits of stress reduction, flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance and general mobility with physical therapy to attain your health goals. For those brand new to exercise or yoga, we will help you to learn how to protect your body, modify poses, and understand biomechanics before you start a group yoga class. The advanced practitioner will also benefit from a better understanding of how their individual strength and flexibility combine to either help or hinder their practice.

How does yoga help to promote healing in the body? Here are 3 benefits:

  • Improved Posture – Proper posture is vital to overall musculoskeletal health. Therapeutic yoga helps to align your spine to improve posture in sitting, standing, and lying down.
  • Greater Functional Movement – Therapeutic yoga will improve your body awareness, including the muscles you will need to engage to improve a yoga pose. This will not only help you in the yoga studio but with everyday tasks like bending, reaching, and lifting.
  • Enhance Proprioception – Proprioception is our body’s way of communicating to our brain where it is in space. For example, it’s how we know, without even looking, that our arm is reaching out to the side or that our foot is placed precisely to balance on one leg while leaning forward to pick up a golf ball. Therapeutic yoga can enhance your proprioception leading to better balance and spatial orientation.

Creating a Better You Naturally Through Therapeutic Yoga Re-Education

Regardless of the source of your injury, therapeutic yoga can improve posture, functional movement, and proprioception optimizing healing from injuries and improving overall well-being. If you don’t feel any aches or pains, but would like to improve your biomechanics in your yoga practice, we also offer 55 minute long Movement Assessments.

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